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Why People Are Using FileCure to Repair File Extensions

"I got so tired of double clicking on a file and getting strange error messages. I had to try something. I'm glad I downloaded FileCure."

Ted Elder, Toronto

"My sister sent me countless photos of her Mexico vacation. I didn't really care, but my wife wanted to look at the pictures. I tried everything I could think of to open them and couldn't. I somehow stumbled upon FileCure and it worked. My wife thanks you."

William Elliott, Winnipeg

"Almost every day I double-click on word docs and they would open. Last week however I couldn't open any .doc files… I now use FileCure to manage what you call file extensions. It makes the right programs open the files."

Sally Heinrich, Boston

"I used to bug the tech help desk all the time about how to open this thing or that thing. Now that I got FileCure I wonder what they do all day?"

Jason Reid, Minneapolis

"When we were cleaning out the house we found a bunch of boxes of disks with files on them. Some were some writings my Dad had done on an old word processor program. We don't have it any more and I don't even know if they sell it. I figured we'd never get to read his recollections and stories again. However, FileCure was able to help us get the right program. My family thanks you for helping us learn more about my Dad's early days."

David Joubert, New York

"I can't thank you enough! I used to get so frustrated trying to get files someone sent me to open. I was told about FileCure and figured I had nothing to lose. It has really saved me lots of time."

Tom Day, San Francisco

"What I like best about FileCure is how easy it is to use. I just drag my 'mystery' file to that little thing on my Desktop and it does the rest."

Gloria Laursen, Fargo

"I have definitely regretted the day I volunteered to edit my daughter's class newsletter. I did really well in English in school but I didn't realize I'd have to work with things people sent me. They were sending .doc, .docx, .txt. .jpg, .tiff ... I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out what these things were! FileCure was definitely the answer."

Jennifer Heaman, Cleveland

"I can't thank you enough for your help. I am glad a company like your's has time to help people like me use your FileCure. Thanks!"

Lauren Earnshaw, Vancouver

"FileCure is a life saver. At work I get sent all kinds of files. I used to waste my lunch break trying to figure out how to open them. Now, I just use your software. Thanks!"

Scott Vanns, Chicago

"I was surprised that I was able to use FileCure. I am not the best with computer and figured that's why that thing David sent me wouldn't open. I just had to thank you."

Wallace Pitzel, Houston

"I can't believe how smart computers are! I spent hours trying to open this Power Point thing or whatever it is. I just couldn't figure it out. With your FileCure I was able to see what my Realtor wanted me to see. Thank you."

LeRoy Eckroth, Quebec

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What is a file extension?

A file extension is the few letters after the name of the file. It tells the computer what the file is, and how to open it.


"OMG! Finally! My daughter sends me tons of emails with attachments that I can NEVER watch. I did a search and got FileCure. Now it's all good!"

Marion Clary, 

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