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FileCure's easy-to-use interface provides power and sophistication!

FileCure's well-labeled buttons let you navigate without confusion!

One of FileCure's biggest strengths is how easy it is to use. Its intuitive interface allows you to harness all of its power and sophistication. FileCure features large, well-labeled buttons that let you navigate without confusion and access all its various features.

Scan (Start Scan) Screen:

FileCure will thoroughly scan your PC to find unsupported file extensions and other errors. You can initiate the scanning process by selecting "Start Scan", by dragging a file onto the FileCure screen and clicking "Start Scan", or dragging and dropping a file onto the FileCure desktop icon.

Scanning Screen:

FileCure will quickly and effectively scan your hard drive for unsupported file extensions. You will be able to see the progress of the scan.

"I don't consider myself to a 'computer person.' That is why I like FileCure. It helps me open the songs and stories I get from my daughter and granddaughter without having to call a computer technician."

Gloria Laursen, Louisville, KY

Results Screen:

After FileCure deeply scans your hard drive, it will display an easy to read results chart. FileCure will identify such things as file extensions with errors, common extensions that are not supported and valid extensions.

Fix/Find Software Screen:

FileCure can quickly and easily fix common file extension and file association problems! In addition, FileCure will identify extensions that require finding the appropriate software to support them.

"I love how easy FileCure is to use. If I ever have trouble opening a file, I can just drag it to the FileCure thing on my desktop and the scan starts right away! I canít tell you how much time this has saved me."

Jason Carney, St. Paul, MN

Download Screen:

If you do not have the necessary software to support a specific file extension, FileCure will help you obtain it. It will show you which programs support that extension and where you can learn more about the software or download it.

Manage Screen:

When the wrong program or none at all is assigned to a certain file extension, there is an error when you try to open a file. With FileCure's Manage feature, you can easily change which software is assigned to specific file extensions. You can even assign different programs to open, edit or print a certain file formats.

"If a computer program can be a genius, FileCure is one! I really like how it keeps track of software trying to change my file associations. This means I can fix the problem right away and save time. Greatly appreciated..."

Nick Hinton, Atlantic City, NJ

Monitor Screen:

At times software might try to change your file associations. FileCure's Monitor keeps track of and alerts you to changes to which software is associated with certain file extensions. This way you will be able to quickly correct the problem before it produces annoying and time consuming errors.

Ignore Screen:

FileCure's thorough scan might pull up extensions that you have taken care of in your own way. To prevent, these from cluttering your scans you can put them on the Ignore list. FileCure lets you easily add and more items from the Ignore list.

"I like how FileCure fixes the problems I am having now and also tries to correct future ones. For example, it tells me which common file extensions require a new program. If I let FileCure fix them now I know that I wonít have to deal with it later. Thank you FileCure."

Shaun Malone, Phoenix, AZ

History Screen:

Forgot what you last changed? ParetoLogic FileCure's handy History screen keeps track of all the changes that you made. Since a record is kept of all the changes, you don't have to worry about trying to remember.

Schedule Screen:

It is a lot easier to operate your computer when there are no file extension or file association errors. With the Schedule feature, you can set FileCure to do a full scan at your convenience.

"So many people use our family computer so we get files for work, school projects, Scouts, PTA Ö and everyone uses a different program! With FileCure, we donít have to try to be like Sherlock Holmes and attempt to solve the mystery of what the file is. FileCure does the hard work for us! And it helps us get what we need to open it. Thank you!"

Terry Glenn, Boston, MA

About Screen:

You will find FileCure's About screen to be very handy and easy to use. You can check for product and database updates, register the product, purchase additional license keys (if you would like to use it on other computers), renew your license key or contact technical support.

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Why can't I see my file extensions?

Windows automatically hides the file extension of known files. Not only does this make it difficult to open files, it also increases security risks.


"I manage a community newsletter, and my writers would always send me strange files I couldn't open. One got fed up and got me FileCure. Well Ė it worked. Nice program!"

Randy Niels, 

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