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File Extension Library
Learn what a file extension means, its file type and what opens it

File extensions are the key to opening a file!

File extensions are the short suffixes that appear after the filename. They are used to indicate the file type. In their early use, file extensions were used to indicate the generic type of a file. For example, .txt was used for a text file, and file extension .gfx for a graphics file. However, over time, file extensions have become connected with certain programs or even versions of that program. A .doc file indicates a Microsoft Word document, while a .docx file extension means it was created using Word 2007 or a later version. Use the index below to locate file extensions and click on the links to learn about their file types and the programs that support them.

File Extension Index

Extension Information
.OGG File Extension OGG - Compressed File »
.PDF File Extension PDF - Portable Document Format File »
.PNG File Extension PNG - Compressed Files »
.PPS File Extension PPS - Slide Show File »
.PPT File Extension PPT - Project File »
.PS File Extension PS - Vector Image »
.PSD File Extension PSD - Image File »
.PST File Extension PST - Personal Information File »
.PTB File Extension PTB - Backup File »
.PUB File Extension PUB - Document File »
.RAM File Extension RAM - Audio Files »
.RAR File Extension RAR - Compressed File »
.RM File Extension RM - Media Files »
.RTF File Extension RTF - Text Files »
.SEA File Extension SEA - Compressed File »
.SES File Extension SES - Audition Session File »
.SIT File Extension SIT - Stuffit Archive File »
.SQL File Extension SQL - Structured Query Language Data File »
.SS File Extension SS - Sam Spade Script File »
.SWF File Extension SWF - Flash Movie File »
.TGZ File Extension TGZ - Gzipped Tar File »
.TIF File Extension TIF - Tagged Image File »
.TTF File Extension TTF - TrueType Font File »
.TXT File Extension TXT - Plain Text File »
.WAV File Extension WAV - WAVE Audio File »
.WMA File Extension WMA - Windows Media Audio File »
.WMV File Extension WMV - Windows Media Video File »
.WPD File Extension WPD - WordPerfect Document File »
.WPS File Extension WPS - Microsoft Works Word Processor Document File »
.XLS File Extension XLS - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet File »
.ZIP File Extension ZIP - Zipped File »

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