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File Extension WPS

What is a Microsoft Works Word Processor Document File?

The .wps is a file extension intended for Microsoft Works produced by the Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft Works is the older version of the Microsoft Office suite, which has fewer features than the Microsoft Office but less expensive cost-wise. The Microsoft Works' main function includes a database, a spreadsheet and a word processor.

The files of the .wps extension work with the Microsoft Works as a native file format that has limited ability of being utilized for large organization. The .wps file format also gives ease and simplicity combining spreadsheet or database data into the documents of a word processor. For example, an email merge is allowed as an option for home-based business owners and other small entrepreneurs with the help of the .wps file extension.

The WPS file extension in Microsoft Works Word Processor is almost the same with (.DOC) document of Microsoft Word. Even though the WPS file extension does not have highly developed formatting options and macros that a (.DOC) document may contain, the WPS files are allowed to be opened with the majority versions of Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word including the Microsoft Office.

The operation of the Microsoft Work within Macintosh operating systems has been discontinued after the release of version 4.0. The Microsoft Corporation itself discontinued the .wps file extension and had it replaced with the standard MS Word DOC format in 2006.

Microsoft Works functions both within Macintosh and Windows operating systems. With the .wps file format's storage feature, the Microsoft Works' projects in Mac OS can be fused with DataViz MacLinkPlus. On the other hand, under the Windows operating system, the Microsoft Publisher, the Microsoft Word and the Microsoft Excel were created to be capable of loading files with the extension .wps.

The Kingsoft Office, also known as WPS Office, is an application compatible with Microsoft Office. This office suite can also open files under the .wps format. The Kingsoft Office is manufactured by Kingsoft from China and is being sold within the Chinese market as native alternative to the Microsoft Office.


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