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File Extension TGZ

What is a Gzipped Tar File?

The .tgz file extension functions with the compression tool gzip or GNU zip, developed by Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler. The GNU zip or gzip is a free software substitute for the compressed application utilized in primitive UNIX systems, designed for utility by the GNU Project. Files with the .tgz file extension represents a combined tar and gzipped files. The TGZ file extension is the most well-known compression format on the UNIX operating system. Files with the file extension TGZ are a collection of files wrapped up with tar and later compressed with the gzip application.

Gzip compresses the size of a file through the use of Lempel-Ziv coding or LZ77. If the original filename saved in the archive file is not appropriate for its file system, gzip then gives it a new name to make it acceptable.

The .tgz file extension is the format preferred by UNIX users, as well as Linux users, in compressing groups of files. They prefer the .gz file format for compressing a single file. Files with the .tgz file extension are usually identified as "tarballs." These files are decompressed by means of a decompression tool such as gunzip or WinZip.

The Multiple Internet Mail Extension used by the TGZ file extension is "application/x-compressed" and "application/x-tar." Files with the .tgz file extension function in accordance to the compress-after-packaging notion, which results in absolute compression ratios.

Files with the .tgz file extension are comprised of a header, a variant number, magic number, and timestamp. It also contains extra headers that include the original file name, a body, and a footer comprising of a checksum of the original data. The header of a file with the .tgz file extension is comprised of metadata concerning the file. It provides information such as the file name, file mode, group user identification, owner user identification, file size, link indicator, and the name of the linked file.


Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adle

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