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File Extension RAM

What is a Audio Files?

The file extension .ram is a format exclusively generated by the RealOne Player. The file extension .ram, which is considered as a metafile for the RealMedia program, symbolizes clip sequences that will be played in the associated multimedia program. The file extension .ram can also be applied in referencing HTML pages within the player's media browser to commence playback.

The file extension .ram is appended to presentations that are usually streamed over the Internet, which essentially creates a link for your clip and the web page that is hosting your file. The metafile represented by the file extension .ram uses the HREF tag, which is a standard syntax in HTML language with the complete URL for the streaming media stored within the .ram file extension.

The file extension .ram functions as a middle man in the process of accessing streaming presentations, which is responsible for executing the RealOne Player as the host program. Directly linking the clip to the web site host will not launch the player, which can result to a program error.

The file extension .ram also provides clips hosted on Helix Universal servers with an RTSP URL, which is not possible with direct linking because it will assume the default protocol of http://, instead of the supposed rtsp:// recognized by HUS. This is a work around in playing back presentations, which would otherwise remain inaccessible with standard web browsers. The file extension .ram is also used for transmitting parameters or instructions to the player, which can be used in specifying how to treat particular web pages.

The basic format of a .ram file extension contains a single line, which is the URL of the presentation that can be done with the use of any text editor. The specified URL that must be encoded in the file extension .ram would depend on the actual location of the presentation.

Take for example a clip residing in a HUS must begin with rtsp://, http:// must be the start of the clip URL in a web server, and file:// must be used for locally stored clips with the word file representing the hard drive location. Spaces must be omitted when declaring URLs in the .ram file extension, because it will eliminate any potential problems that may occur during streaming.


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