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What is a Image File?

The digital imaging software Adobe Photoshop creates image files and often saves them in files with the .psd file extension. Files saved with the PSD file extension retain the editable elements of Adobe Photoshop.

A freshly created file with a .psd file extension can be adjusted in terms of screen size, canvas size and orientation. Once the screen and canvas has been created, the Adobe Photoshop program can insert several elements like objects, lines and existing image files. Layers can be added to the file to add depth and allow manipulation of depth and point of view. Other image file formats can also be opened with the Adobe Photoshop application and saved with the .psd file extension.

Objects that are already placed in a file that have the PSD file extension can be edited on a pixel level. Colors can be customized as well as contrast, brightness, vector masks and others. Multiple digital manipulation tools can be used to change the picture in an almost infinite number of ways. The objects and layers of the object can also be manipulated to create simple animated objects.

The Adobe Photoshop program can save image projects as a file with the .psd file extension so that the elements added can still be adjusted at a later time. PSD project files retain all the layers, masks and separate objects that were added so that they can be easily changed and edited by the program. Files that use the PSD file extension can also be converted into a number of image file formats by the program.

The only other program that can open a PSD file is the Apple Preview program used in Apple computers. This application can open and read a Photoshop file but it cannot edit or change it. The file still retains its PSD format after it is closed on the Apple preview browser.

The Photoshop file format is copyrighted as a part of the technology used by Adobe Systems for its flagship product. It is intended to serve as a data file to save progress made on a Photoshop project.


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