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File Extension OGG

What is a Compressed File?

The file extension OGG comes as a free standard computer file format developed under the Xiph.Org Foundation. This container format is designed for providing well-organized multimedia streaming and administering high quality multimedia that uses a number of content forms.

The OGG file extension is designed with a method of multiplexing several independent codecs for video, audio, text (e.g. subtitles), and metainformation, where the source code comes accessible with copyright meeting the Open Source Definition.

In the multimedia framework provided for the file extension OGG, Theora, a lossy compression method for video, is implemented, which also was created as part of the development of the file format. Files with the file extension OGG are supplied by the Vorbis codec, which serves as the main program's audio layer. Other compression codecs such as FLAC, OggPCM, and Speex are also used as audio layers in the method.

The file extension OGG serves as a support of a more superior project, which intentions focus on the development of a compilation of components to be used in decoding and coding multimedia content that comes freely available in software.

Files with the file extension OGG have in their page header a page and serial number for the identification of every page as a component of a sequence of pages that make up a series of bits, and these are commonly known as bitstream.

A number of bitstreams are multiplexed within the file, wherein the pages of every bitstream are prearranged according to the contained data's seek time.

The data from streams of the files with the file extension OGG are encoded and decoded by a library known as libogg.

The OGG file extension embeds video and audio in a multitude of formats, which include Dirac, MP3, and MPEG-4. Thie container format is utilized in association with the Text codec CMML for captioning, formatting, and timed metainformation, and Writ, for embedding captions or subtitles.


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